Molecular PCR COVID-19 Test

Rapid Molecular COVID-19 testing is a 15-minute nasal swab that checks for genetic material (RNA) of the virus.

The Molecular COVID-19 testing we offer has a high sensitivity rate. It is a PCR test, and checks for molecular genetic material (RNA) of the virus.

Unlike the Antigen test that checks only for the “protein” of the virus – which is not as sensitive – can give more false negative results especially in patients who are without symptoms.

What is a Molecular PCR test? This testing is considered the “gold standard” in SARS-CoV-2 detection. This test actually detects RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of infection, even those who have no symptoms.

For travelers planning to fly to a location where a negative PCR test is required, we are providing a Molecular COVID-19 test with a high sensitivity rate. Offered at both Delray Beach locations.

Molecular COVID-19 Testing: $175

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  • ExpressDocs West Delray: 561-381-0261

Walk-In, No Appointment Needed.

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