Rapid Antibody Test In 15-Minutes

Test your immunity after contracting the virus — or after the vaccine.

We offer 15 minute Antibody Testing. This test shows antibodies to the virus. This will show if you developed immunity, after contracting the virus, or to see if you developed immunity after the vaccines.

What are Antibodies? As your body starts to fight off infection, your immune system produces IgM and IgG antibodies. These antibodies generally appear “greater than or equal to” ≥ 14 days after infection and approximately 5-7 days after symptoms onset.*

The rapid antibody test we offer is a serology type test and is performed using a blood sample. We do this via a finger stick, and we get results in 15 minutes.

From the CDC:  The virus that causes COVID-19 is new, and what we know about it changes rapidly. This guidance will be updated as more information becomes available. FAQ’s on Antibodies from the CDC.

Walk-In, No Appointment Needed.

  • COST: Rapid Antibody Testing: $50
  • EAST DELRAY: ExpressDocs : 561-381-0260
  • WEST DELRAY: ExpressDocs: 561-381-0261

* ref: https://www.abbott.com/corpnewsroom/diagnostics-testing/covid-19-the-different-tests-explained.html

Antibody tests now available


Walk-In, No Appointment Needed.

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