I went into Express Docs late in the afternoon as my primary was already closed and had no availability until next week. I was so pleased with how quickly they were able to see me, give a diagnosis and prescriptions. The medical assistant there, Harela, was so pleasant and helpful. Once I left, I was unable to fill my prescriptions due to some discrepancies with my insurance company and Harela stayed on the phone with me, insurance, and the pharmacy until it got taken care of. She really went above and beyond for me and I hope she knows how much that truly meant to me on such an “off” day. I will not only return as a patient, if needed, but would definitely recommend their services to anyone, any day!

I live 1500 miles from Delray Beach. On the night I arrived, I cut my finger on an open can. I stemmed the bleeding with makeshift materials, but the pain was beyond description. On the morning after a most uncomfortable night, I could not get an immediate appointment at a private doctor’s office, but I did get the suggestion that I try ExpressDocs. I was a little leery, but I knew my finger needed attention. My experience with ExpressDocs was wonderful! To a person, the doctors, their support staff, and the people at the front desk, were knowledgeable, attentive, and patient. I got the care I needed, including a follow up appointment, with minimal stress and maximal accommodation. I can not praise the practice enough. If you need urgent care, you can rest assured that you will receive quick and competent attention. You will tell others, as I have now, how happy you were.

Very prompt service. Dr. Mazzei was excellent and the best urgent care physician I have experienced. He took ample time with me which is rare in healthcare today. Very positive experience, I would absolutely recommend.

I work in the medical profession and very observant of any medical facility or medical doctor I see as a patient. I had beginning symptoms of cellulitis in my right leg and needed to be seen. My experience at Express Docs was a very positive one. I arrived late after work and was greeted by a young man who was very professional and helpful with my medical problem and never made me feel like another patient at the end of, I am sure, a very long day. Express Docs facility decor was lovely and very clean. I was most impressed with the professionalism of medical staff and most of all Dr. Musoff. He made me feel comfortable with my medical issue and his diagnosis and treatment was on point. I would never hesitate to recommend or return to this Urgent Care Center.

Thank you again for such great care.

I needed immediate medical expertise and ExpressDocs delivered it with a high touch of professionalism. Excellent team work lead by super office manager “Lisa” made my experience enjoyable. Thank you.

Came in today as a new patient and was treated wonderfully. The staff and the doctor could not have been more welcoming and efficient. Highly recommended to anyone needing medical care.

This is long overdue… However better late then never. I have been to ExpressDocs on a number of occasions in the past year for myself, taking a friend and referring my daughter. With out fail, every time I went, I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. I can’t say enough for Dr. Roy and his staff. For myself, I was always very happy I never had a problem. Dr. Roy is always easy to speak to. His staff, even the girls training, were great. I had to take my friend several times and they treated him wonderful. And then there’s my daughter, has been there on many occasions and again never a complaint. I was very happy. Thank you Dr and staff for making this person without health ins not feel like less of a person.

Dear Dr. Musoff, Andre & Staff:

I had such a positive experience with all of you that I told you when I left that I would come to your website and ‘sing your praises’ … true to my word, here I am!

From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left, I was treated with professionalism, courtesy, friendliness, care & compassion.

The clinic itself is absolutely beautiful in both decor and cleanliness with no less than three peaceful, serene and colorful aquariums strategically located in the waiting areas. Everything was roomy, bright and so pristine.

The first person I encountered at the front desk was very friendly, helpful and courteous to my questions and needs. The second person I saw was Andre. He was so friendly, courteous, professional and tried to make me feel at ease as much as possible and I appreciated that as I was quite stressed out and nervous!

The icing on the cake, as they say, was Dr. Roy Musoff. Immediately upon meeting him, I knew that my experience was going to be a very good one. I’m from ‘da Bronx’, he’s from Brooklyn, what more is there to say. He was caring, professional, compassionate and thorough in the time he spent with me … and he had a great sense of humor to boot.

Upon leaving, I encountered another wonderful woman at the Front Desk who tended to my check-out procedures. She was more than gracious, delightful, cooperative and caring.

So, thank you so much to All of you for making my ‘virgin’ encounter at ExpressDocs pleasant, kind and understanding … and, yes, even enjoyable to a certain extent.

Thank you for great care. Coming into your facility on the weekend made me feel so comfortable.  I praise the care that I received. Dr Musoff cured me with peace of mind and ease. Staff was very helpful and will help you with all concerns. I recommend my friends and residents of the community to visit EXPRESSDOCS when they are in need of immediate care. You will get great compassionate care.

A heartwarming letter received from a patient, addressed to Dr. Roy Musoff, owner and physician at ExpressDocs Urgent Care:

I so appreciated the care I received from your staff and especially you, that I felt I had to express my appreciation.

Not only were all of you efficient and courteous, but you exude confidence and compassion and treated me as though you were my primary care physician for years. I know that you’re probably thinking that you are doing what you are expected to do, but you are doing it on a much higher level and are to be commended for it.

Sadly, with our abbreviated practicing of medicine today (out of necessity I suppose) before a question can be asked of the physician, the patient finds himself alone and not having asked it, or if asked, not much of an answer.

You immediately put me at ease and your compassion helped considerably. I was so appreciative of your interest in my “stress test” results, which I casually mentioned I was taking the next day. It shows the kind of person you are (a mensch), in addition to being a good physician.

Thank you again for your care.

This is to express my thanks for the treatment I received this past summer when I came to your office and was treated by Dr. Mazzei. I had been misdirected by a podiatrist, was taking internal and external antibiotics resulting in a major flareup on my toe. I went to your office for a 2nd opinion whereupon Dr. Mazzei correctly prescribed that I cease all medication. Within a few days my toe started looking better.

I have advised other members of my family as well as friends to refer to your office when they need any urgent medical care.

Came in today as a new patient and was treated wonderfully. The staff and the doctor could not have been more welcoming and efficient. Highly recommended to anyone needing medical care.

I went to their office, they were so good. They explained what they were going to do to help my problem. The staff was full of good medical information.

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