Convenience Meets Care — Why Urgent Care Centers Outshine Traditional Practices

Express Docs Urgent Care Centers in Delray Beach offer walk-in services, providing immediate access to medical care without the need for an appointment. This is especially beneficial for acute, non-life-threatening conditions that require prompt attention but may not necessitate a visit to the emergency room.

Delray Beach Express Docs Urgent Care Centers are conveniently located in East Delray Beach at Military Trail, just north of Atlantic Avenue, and West at Atlantic Ave & 441, making them easily accessible for routine or urgent medical needs.

Prompt Treatment for Minor Injuries and Illnesses

Our Delray Beach Express Docs Urgent Care Centers are well-equipped to handle minor injuries and illnesses, such as sprains, minor fractures, infections, and cold/flu symptoms. Plus we offer on-site diagnostic services, including X-rays and labs, allowing for quick assessment and treatment.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Express Docs Urgent Care Centers may be a more cost-effective option for patients, especially for those without health insurance or facing high deductibles. The transparent pricing and upfront fees at our Delray Beach facilities can provide clarity on healthcare costs for locals and snowbirds.

Specialized Services

Our Delray Beach Urgent Care Centers offer specialized services that are not typically available in a general practitioner’s office. This include on-site radiology services, in-house lab testing, and immediate access to specific medical specialists.

No Need for Long-Term Commitment

Individuals can visit as needed for immediate healthcare concerns without establishing an ongoing relationship, making it a flexible option for those who are on vacation or new to South Florida.

Avoiding Emergency Room Wait Times

For non-life-threatening conditions that still require prompt attention, Our Delray Beach Express Docs Urgent Care Centers offer a faster alternative to emergency room visits. Patients receive timely care without enduring the extended wait times associated with emergency departments.

We are honored to serve you.


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