We have a limited time SPECIAL OFFER: $100 Office Visits for all patients!

It is our mission to serve the people of Delray Beach by making our medical services available to everyone.

Many physicians and facilities charge exorbitant self pay prices, and do not accept Medicaid, or Obamacare health plans; however, that is where we differ, as we accept both and offer competitive pricing for patients without insurance.

We accept most commercial insurance plans that participate with Obamacare. The main insurance plan we have seen patients come in with is the Humana HMOx plan. If you have this plan through Humana, know that ExpressDocs will accept your coverage. If you have any questions please call (561) 381-0260 and our staff will be happy to help you.

We can save you time upon check-in by verifying your insurance over the phone. Whether you have a major insurance provider, Obamacare, or Medicaid, ExpressDocs Urgent Care Center will offer you the best medical services in a time efficient and cost effective manner.