summertime blog

Watermelon…Raspberries…Mangoes…They’re back in season!? That means it’s Summertime!

School has ended for Palm Beach County students, teachers, and other professionals working for the school district.

Bathing suits, sunglasses, and sunscreen are making their way to the forefront of our closets and once again becoming everyday items.

Camp bags are being packed. Schoolbooks are being stored, donated, or thrown away!

Kids are beginning to smile again and adults are fighting over the juicy sweet summer fruits in the produce aisle.

Parents are hoping their children remember their swimming and hydrating safety lectures and children are getting their favorite hobbies in order now that they have more freedom.

If you need a last-minute camp physical, if your child is starting a new summer sports season, or you want to get ahead on your Fall To-Do’s and get those school physicals done early, ExpressDocs is here to help!

**We are also here in case your child forgets to stay hydrated, leaves his/her sunscreen at home, or encounters any other issues in the midst of their summer excitement.

Walk in at any time of the day and we will have you and your family back outdoors enjoying the paradise that is South Florida before you can post a picture on Instagram with a *Watermelon Smiley Face*.

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