The Problem with Medications

Medications are a progressive factor of our healthcare society. They are helpful surrogates to our health. However, with the increase in medication availability there is an increase in the pill burden on the patient.

Nowadays it seems there is a medication for almost everything. You turn one way and see an advertisement for a cure to a common ailment, turn the other way and there are ten more medications advertising the same cure.

Despite the continuous development of new medications, one should not be taking a medication they do not NEED. Adding over the counter medications from the supermarket may seem harmless, but every drug has the potential to interact with another. Therefore, it is always best to consult an educated healthcare professional before introducing a new medication into your body.
Healthcare has been shifting toward patient-centered care, where patients have a more active role in decisions about their health. With responsibility comes accountability. Speaking with your physician or pharmacist may help to consolidate your medication list and remove any unnecessary medications from your healthcare regimen.

A medication that can work wonders for your friend does not necessarily mean it will work wonders for you. As they say, we are all individuals and your personal health is not excluded.

Stay tuned for tips on how to manage your medications and improve your ability to keep track of them!

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